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Join us on March 31st for our tutorial on conectivity in rural areas.

Electronic Tools for Assessment, Coordination, and Tracking

What We Do


Cutting-edge technology solutions address correctional facilities' challenges in managing all inmates, including high-risk ones. By incorporating elements such as telehealth, health information exchange (HIE), and community resources, We provide a comprehensive approach to reducing recidivism rates and improving continuity of care.

Care Coordination

The benefits of E-TACT, particularly for rural communities are significant as it helps bridge the gap between the availability of resources and the needs of inmates. By continuously upgrading its technology, E-TACT is committed to providing users with the tools they need to be successful.

Justice System

Innovative solutions are being developed to address the complex problems in the criminal justice system, and E-TACT continues to have a positive impact on communities and individuals.

Systems in Community

Development of healthcare technology in communities is a critical aspect of improving access to and the quality of care. With the increasing use of technology in healthcare, community healthcare systems are able to provide more effective, efficient, and accessible care to patients

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