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All projects are evidence based initiatives that have pronounced innovation and backing from all parties. 

Website Development Technical Support 

Spring 2022
Website development of 2 healthcare websites. 1 clinic, 1 non-profit. Constructively created with full client communication. Technical support and expertise on microsoft products, google apps, google non-profit, google cloud platform,  Microsoft email, Google email, Bluehost email, Domain connection. 

Medication Consistency Program

Spring 2022
CCD connection with Diamond pharmacy, HCPF and CORHIO. Created with multiple secure servers and e-tact programming to create consistent ccd management in a Jail setting. 

CCD image (1)_edited.png

Paperless Virtualization of Jail Medical Clinic 

Spring 2022
Custer County Sheriff Jail was virtualized with their medical clinic. Specific policies and procedures were done with a custom e-tact developed HUB to keep all information centrally located. 

Green Energy Initiative 

Winter 2021: Server based applications are on green servers which makes the application carbon neutral. 

Spring 2022: All meetings done virtually with no commute company wide.

Winter 2022: Company phones charged on portable solar power banks.

Winter 2024: Solar panels provided for all employees to use for company machines + work. 

Spring 2022
Automatically created reports with various checks for errors. Reports are developed as a monthly report with correct information about gender, ethnicity, and age with the addition of behavioral mental health and substance use disorder. Focus on populations with the relation between behavioral mental health and substance use.

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 2.15.03 PM.png

Report Development

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