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All services are based off of proven models. See projects for more details on our proven models 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Reporting Software 

Our Reporting Software is an add on to the Transition tool/screening or used for data with academic papers/articles. All data is HIPPA compliant kept in a secure database.  

With Hundreds of reporting options including gender, ethnicity, facility, Social factors, Behavioral Mental Health vs Substance use. 

Screening Tool

Our screening tool is a web based securly designed application with screening capability for large populations of individuals. Used with reporting software to generate any information needed. 

30+ questions including: name, ethnicity, phone number, ssn, social factors. Budget friendly option.

Transition Tool

Jail to Community Transition Tool. Comprehensive assessments proven recidivism reduction. Included: Screening Tool, Monthly reports, Weekly Report

Comprehensive Transition Assessment 

Software Licensing

All software is patent pending. License application is open. Please contact us for more information.

Availability for onboarding with a software license.

Jail Medical Officer Training 

Standardized training book with all trainings needed for a jail medical officer

Quizzes, Tests, Self Guided learning.
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